Yep, that glorious morning that comes round once a year...the start of the footie season proper. Arsenal host newly promoted West Brom and actually launch the Premiership season with the early kick-off, and should be strong enough to get a decent win and a nice 3 points to kick off the season.

I'm trying to convince the wife and the littluns to get out of the house for a couple of hours as there's no chance of me getting to a pub to see this one. The beers, ah the beers...well, they would have been nice n'cold, waiting for me in the fridge, but I met up with a guy from Oz last night and he helped wiped out my reserves, the bastard.

It's goodbye to another English lad as Justin moves to Middlesboro. Quite surprising, if you ask me, as the defence isn't exactly bulging at the seams with an excess of experienced staff. Perhaps an indication that another signing, a defensive one, is on the way?

Anyway, looking forward to this afternoon, come on lads!