Samir celebrates his debut goalIt was just too hot yesterday, so I didn't risk burning my lily-white buttocks out in the midday sun. I hid away in the living room, while the kids and wife were banished for a couple of hours while Arsenal took on West Brom. Yep, the lack of beer-like substances was a problem, but don't worry, this place is never alcohol-free for too long.

The game itself wasn't bad. I thought Arsenal started very well, and there was some good stuff from most of the lads, including Bendtner, Denilson, and Nasri, who slotted home what turned out to be the winner and played a couple of killer passes. Hleb? Who? He does look like he could fit in very nicely with the Arsenal style of play. Have to agree partly with Arsene, because I'm not sure that the lads were always in control. I have to say that on a couple of occasions, their young No.10 Miller, built like a brick shithouse, looked very handy and potentially game-winning.

But there was a feeling of deja vu, that the end of last season, and failures to really kill off games, was still lingering around. Perhaps Cesc's abscence was a crucial factor, who knows? But fuck it, it's 3 points on the board, that's 3 more than either Chelski or Man United. And United have Newcastle later today, so a good chance of stealing an early lead. Yeh riiiiight. Newcastle=Man United's bitch. Every bleedin' season.