Wow. I go away for a couple of weeks and look what happens...

  • England actually win a game quite convincingly. AND an Arsenal player actually scores for England. In fact, he scores a hat-trick! When did that last happen?!
  • Arsenal shake off their early season loss at Fulham and start getting their shooting boots on. A hat-trick from Adebayor on Saturday was nice to see. The vultures are currently on vacation.
  • The football hierarchy has taken another turn for the worse, with another money-bags owner rolling up in his Rolls. This time it's Man City's turn to take over the world. Would you Adam'n'Eve it. Football's eternal losers might actually become world football's super power. Quite astonishing.
  • Newcastle and Keggers have parted company yet again. And you have to feel a bit sorry for the fans...


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