cesc's new midfield partner?Scorching sunshine and beers are OK. Dinking your toes in the Med is OK. Caving in to the demands of a seemingly mercenarious (sounds proper, dunnit?) buggar, not OK. Hmmm. Adebayor has a lot of brown nosing and scoring to do in the next few weeks/months.

Anyway, what with the strike force seemingly in good shape, Arsene has to turn his attention to midfield. One good signing and we're done. With stories flying around last week that Rafa over at The Pool took no part in discussions between Xavi Alonso and Arsenal, Rafa perhaps revealed more than he intended. Or maybe not. But it does look that Arsene is seriously interested, if only he could will his spendthrift (ahem...) fingers to wrap around that pen to sign a big, fat cheque...

And do we think Alonso would be a good buy? Well, yes. Actually a very decent one. He's got some decent Premiership experience behind him, has just won the European Championship with Spain and seems ready for a new challenge. Let's not forget he always seemed to play fairly decently against the Arse, and from what I remember had a bit of grit to some of his challenges. Could be just what the doctor ordered. And of course, his other 'alf seems OK, always an important point to mention. So come on over Chubby, the water's lovely.